Human Resources

Profile intervention candidate agent / driver intervention

 - sports or sports practicant been fighting, boxing, karate etc.

 - resistance to stress, emotional stability, increased responsibility, social intelligence and dedication are traits without which the occupant of this post can not fit in our team.

 - possession of gun certificate is an advantage

 - team spirit - Good communication and relationship skills

 - the person calm, emotionally balanced

 - physical strength and mental strength

 - security and order-agent Certificate or enrolled in such course

 - age: 25-35 years

 - height: 1.70 m minimum

 - driving license category B (with at least 1 year experience)

 - permanent residence in Brasov and surroundings

 - availability to work day shifts Night

 - Attention distributive and a good sense of observation;

 - team spirit, willingness to strict rules and procedures

 - reliability, determination, self-discipline

 - resistance to stress and emotional stability

.- criminal record clean


Candidate profile security guard and order:

- certificate in job security guards and Order

- communication and relationship skills

 - good observation

 - ability to remember details

 - conscientious, strict adherence to rules and procedures;

- the ability to not be easily intimidated

- not enrolled in the criminal record.

- graduates of at least 8 classes

 - military satisfied;

- do not have a criminal record for crimes committed with intent

 - attention distribution and mobility.

- age 25-55 years.


Profile cadidat dispatcher:

- former military framework (police, army, gendarmerie) is an advantage

- certificate security

- knowledge in the field of intrusion detection alarm systems, fire protection systems, communications systems

- average PC skills (including Word, Excel)

- knowledge English;

- availability to work in shifts day and night

 - attention distribution, management capacity of several problems simultaneously

 - availability for strict adherence to rules and procedures

- responsibility, initiative, ability to make quick decisions;

- dynamism, rigorously activiatii own organization, resistance to stress.

- criminal record clean

- age 25-55 years

- minimum high school studies.

- Studii minime liceul.

Candidate profile area coordinator / head of objective:

- secondary / upper and / or military-profile experience is an advantage

- minimum 2 years experience in management positions

 -knowledge of security activity (device, plan, general and private instruction, the regime weapons and ammunition, the legislation in force, security systems etc.).

- good organizer, capacity management and decision making, responsibility, commitment, determination,

 -possession of gun certificate is an advantage

- english - average

- agent Certificate security and order

- security legislation, Law 333/2003, Law 295/2004

- driving license cat. B

 -knowledge in using Microsoft Office -

 -availability to extensive program

- reliability

- conduct flawless

- personal Car

 -criminal record cure


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